Data Magik

Data Magik is a data ware house Tool developed by Techmill to address the key concerns of IT and MIS departments with respect to data extraction and mining.

Why should we select Data Magik

While current data mining tools available in market come with limitations with respect to flexibility,operational complications, Performance implications and constraints in T24 environment.The tool developed by Techmill called Data Magik helps glide over the T24 data modal Maze with ease.The approach modal of Data Magik addresses the primary concerns of data extraction in Multi value modaland provides the ability to extract, normalise and convert data with ease . The output can be loaded in to various data Analytic tools for Business intelligence which enhances the business ability to have right information at the right time.

Key Features of Data Magik

  • End to end Automated Tool
  • Built in Scheduler to run extraction for Intraday, Cob, Custom Date Slots
  • Extract Back dated CRUD data between date ranges.
  • Data conversion / normalization for seamless integration of BI and T24
  • Intelligent Grouping of tables through intelli grouping feature.
  • Custom Extractions with predefined date time and frequency.
  • Traction through Extraction log.
  • Service based Approach.
  • Cost effective

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